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We use only the very best, time-proven materials to build modern kennels.

The exterior siding is termite resistant, fire rated, and backed by a full 50-year guarantee. It will stand up to any and all abuse that dogs can dish out. The infrastructure is tough, too. The rafters, purlines and girts are hot-dipped galvanized steel, which eliminates rusting and the need for painting. The I-Beams, eave wall channels, extrusions, and stall fronts are anodized aluminum, which eliminate rust and corrosion from water, moisture and dog excretions.


Top-dog insulation throughout.
To keep dogs warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer (and to cut down on your utility bills!) we use some of the best insulated materials available. The exterior wall panels have an insulation value of R-16.7, the roof panels are R-30, and the combination guillotine dog doors are R-6.49. What’s more, even the windows, doors and skylights are insulated, creating cozy and comfortable environment for canines and caretakers alike.


The typical kennel consists of following materials:

  • Insulated Roof Panel System (that covers all the building and the indoor and outdoor runs.
  • Insulated Wall Panels
  • Insulated Skylights
  • Insulated Single Slide Windows
  • Insulated Walk Doors
  • Galvanized Purlins
  • Anodized Aluminum I-Beam Column
  • Anodized Aluminum Eave Wall Channel
  • Anodized Aluminum Corner Extrusion
  • HQ Anodized Aluminum Bar Stall Fronts
  • HQ Solid (bottom) Partition Divider Panels with Aluminum Bar Grill (top)
  • Insulated Combination Guillotine Dog Door


To build a healthy, clean and easy to maintain shelter, several key factors must be obeyed:

  1. You must have an experienced contractor pour a foundation that allows for perfect drainage.
  2. You must supply good ventilation in both the kennel and commercial areas, which our system allows.
  3. You must have materials that withstand the daily onslaught of animals and corrosive liquids, such as chemical cleaners, water, and urine, which our materials do.

Here are some important considerations when selecting someone to build your structure.


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"Our adoption center in Morganton, NC was built by Houndquarters in 2004. We are extremely satisfied with the efficiency of the building. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and efficiently designed, making it easy to maintain. We recommend Houndquarters to anyone who is wanting to build an animal shelter."

Toni Davis
Director, Burke County Friends for Animals, Inc.
Morganton, NC

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